May 16, 2012

See Spot Run 5k

Saturday I participated in another 5k.
I did a 5k back in February.
There are a couple of differences between the two.

In February, it was 12 DEGREES!!!!

Saturday, it was 72 degrees.

In February, I was with my Best Friend!

Saturday, I was with a precious Greyhound.

In February, I ran half of the 5k and walked half of it.

Saturday, I walked the WHOLE thing!  =(

Oh well, at least I participated.
And it was for a good cause.
The money went to support Habitat for Humanity.
And I got my exercise for the day
with a sweet friend, Scout.

I need to get my butt in gear and get to training.

I want to be a runner.
I want to be able run a 5k...
a 10k
a 15k
a half-marathon
a full-marathon
a tri-athalon

I want to be able to do all those things!




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