May 12, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge...Day 12

What's In My Fridge

We bought this side by side last year because the old one went out.
The next one I get will be one of these bad boys...

But for now, I love my fridge and I am not complaining.

Ok....moving on.

Inside the door, we have:
Butter & lemon juice
Strawberry & Chocolate Syrups
Ice Cream Toppings
Mustard, BBQ Sauce, A1 Sauce, Pickles
Wine & Diet Coke
More Wine & Some Mixer

Here we have:
Coffee Creamer, Yogurt
Orange Juice, Tea, Hi-C, Power Ade
Drawers for Fruits & Veggies

The first drawer has:
Salad, an Onion and Carrots

The bottom drawer has:
Shredded Cheese and Cheese Slices

And the outside holds:
some of Tanman's artwork
Appointment reminders

I didn't take a picture of my freezer because....well because that wasn't part of the assignment.

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