May 22, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge...Day 22

Best Thing to Happen This Year

The best thing to happen this year would have to be that....


I quit on January 2nd
and I am so glad I did!

Until then I had smoked for 18+ years.
What is crazy to me and will probably be to you too is that
I quit both times I was pregnant.
And both times, when the boys were 3 months old
I started back.

It was knowing that I had a little human inside me
that made it so easy for me to quit.

My youngest son is 4 and I had been wanting to quit for a long time.

My dad passed away from cancer in 2010, not from smoking cigarettes, but still.
He would tell me that I needed to quit smoking because having cancer was not fun.
A month after my dad passed away, my mom found out she had skin cancer.
Thankfully, the doctors were able to remove it.

Therefore, I have a HUGE chance of getting cancer.
This was 2 years ago.
I couldn't quit.
It was too hard.
I was addicted.

But on January 2nd of this year
something clicked
and by the grace of God
I quit

Something that helped me was Electronic Cigarettes.
Even though I quit smoking
I still craved them
So, when I did crave a cigarette I would puff on the ecig and it would satisfy my craving.
My favorite thing about the ecig was that I could blow out "smoke."
It was just vapors, but it made me think it was smoke.

I am so thankful that I quit smoking.
And that is the best thing to happen to me this year!

If you smoke, oh how I hope you can quit too.


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