May 8, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge...Day 8

What's In My Handbag

I really need to carry a small purse because when I carry a big one, the more I put in it and the heavier it gets.  Which leads to shoulder pain and back pain.  Ugh!!

Peanut Butter, you ask?  I don't know either.
I need to only have ONE lotion, not 3.  My goodness.
I don't even use Visine except one time I had something in my eye and it was really red. 
My mom gave me this Visine to help it.  I've never used it since.
Not sure why I have the calculator.  I use my iPhone for that.
Speaking of iPhone...why do I still carry my old cell phone??
The USBs, umm...yeah, they need to be at home, not my purse.
Calendar, don't really use that either because I have one in my iPhone.
I just put the hairbrush in my purse the other day because it was in my van and I wanted to bring it inside the house.  Still hasn't happend....
I bought that little Bible because I was so excited that it was little and I could carry it in my purse.
However, it is not the version that I can understand very good.  So, I don't use it much.
I use my big ole heavy duty one, which would never fit into my purse.
I guess other than that, the other stuff can stay.
If I got rid of all the stuff mentioned I could use a smaller purse.
Plus, it is summer now.  I need to be fashionable!


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JanMary @ said...

Cute wee calculator! I have the bible on my iphone.

Vikki @ Love From Mummy said...

Wow, that's a lot of stuff! Love your bag though xx

Chelsea said...

I have a bag very similar to yours in my closet. Super cute. :)

Katie said...

Where did you find a mini portable container of peanut butter? I want one! :)

Grace said...

I love your bag! Your bible is pretty, I use the one on my nook! Really it's the only reason I carry my nook around since I had to go back to real books (I'm a nerd that way) so it's turned into a very expensive bible haha

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