May 14, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge...Day 14

If I Won The Lottery

I realize that a lot of you linking up to this challenge live in other countries than I.  So, you may not know about the MegaMillions powerball that was here in America about 3 weeks ago.  It was the largest in history so far at $640 million.  I mean, come on!!  Can you imagine what you would do with money like that??  There ended up being 3 different winners and all of them decided to remain anonymous.  Do you blame them?  I have always said that if I won the lottery, I would remain anonymous.  My husband and I played and guess what?  We won!!!!!!!!  SEVEN BIG SMAKEROOS!!!  That's right $7.00!!!  Of course, I would have LOVED to have been one of those 3 big winners, but the chances were like 1 in 176,000.  So, the thought of what I would do if I won the lottery was talked about just recently so it is still kind of fresh on my mind...

The first and foremost thing I would do if I won the lottery is hire a lawyer and a financial advisor.  I am talking before I even went to the lottery headquarters, hiring a lawyer and financial advisor would be #1 on my to do list.  After that, oh baby, game on!!!

Jad and I would pay our debt off.  Then I told Jad that we would travel the world and go to every place that we want to, starting with about a month in Hawaii.  We would sell our house, buy a new one and have it furnished with all new furniture.  Almost all of our furniture is hand me downs or second hand, so having all new furniture would be fun.  I'm not saying having hand me downs or second hand is bad because it is definitely not, it is a blessing.  Remember, we are talking about the dream of winning the lottery here.  Of course, the college of like 4 or 5 generations down would be paid for.  My kid's kid's kid's kid's kid's wound not have to pay for college.  My nephews and niece would have college paid for.  I would become a philanthropist.  My mom and sisters would not have debt anymore, neither would Jad's mom and sister.  Jad and I would go on a shopping spree like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I know there are people that say they would keep their job if they won the lottery but I wouldn't have time to work because I would be too busy having fun.  I'm just keeping it real here people.

What would you do if you won the lottery?  I would love to hear.


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JanMary @ said...

Great answers - yes I heard of that MegaMillions lottery - what a crazy amount of money!

Shai Smith said...

I'm also in America and, I'll admit, I definitely bought tickets for that lottery! What on earth would we do with THAT much money!? lol. Insanity. I doubt I would work again - not at a place where I have a boss, anyway. I'd jut put all of my effort into my art, and not worry about life. In my dreams, right?

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