May 4, 2012

31 Day Blog Challenge...Day 4

What Are You Afraid Of

My upmost, main, #1, greatest, scariest, terrifying, frightening fear is my children getting KIDNAPPED.
I have had the fear from the moment my first child was born.
I am not sure why, but the sad story of Adam Walsh comes to my mind almost everytime I am out with my children.  Adam's story shows how fast someone can take your child.
My oldest is 15 years old and while he was growing up I never let him out of my sight except for one time...
We were in a big pet store.  I turned around.  He was gone!
I instantly went into panic mode.
I went to the front of the store and asked them to lock their doors because I could not find my son.
I told them what he was wearing a red shirt and blue shorts.
Another customer heard me and came up to me.
She said, "Is that him?" and pointed to my little boy hunched down hiding in an aisle peaking around at me.
Praise Jesus!!  He was okay.  It was his idea to hide from me!
A little boy had a good talking to that night about not EVER doing that again. 

My other son loves to play outside.
I remember when I was a kid, I would go out on my bike after school and not come home til dark.
My son does not go outside unless I or my husband is with him.
He doesn't go to the toy section of the store by himself.
He doesn't walk to far ahead or get too far behind when we go out anywhere.
He does not get out of my sight.

Along with kidnapping, of course another fear of mine is my children passing away.
Parents are not suppose to bury their children.
My heart goes out to those that have had to suffer this pain.
My sister had to do this as well as my best friend.
I CANNOT imagine their pain and heart break.

Another thing that is not so bad as the above that I am afraid of that may be silly to some of you is
I am afraid of dark bathrooms.
My master bathroom has no windows in it and when I am in there, my son likes to turn the light out on me.
I cannot get up in the middle of the night and use the potty without turning the light on.
I think it comes from the Bell Witch myth from when I was a kid.
I never had the guts to do that!


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Lindsay Butler said...

It literally makes me sick to my stomach to even think about the possibility! I saw the words, "Kids" and "Kidnapped" in your post and my stomach turned, and a lump instantly went into my throat. *shudder* !!

JMD said...

I know. I wish the world could just be one big happy place where we didn't have to worry about kidnappers, thieves, killers, etc.

Katie said...

Kidnapping is so scary and sad. I will probably worry about that all the time when we start having kids. :( Right now, we worry about it a lot with our dogs. Small dogs are often stolen and used as bait in dog fights. We never leave them alone for a second when they're out and about with us...

JMD said...

I know Katie. You are right. Dogs go missing a lot too. You are doing right by not leaving them alone. They are your babies too! =)

Shay said...

I can understand you fear, my two never leave my sight when I'm out. It's horrible that it's something as parents we have to worry about :( x

Marie said...

I have a lot of fears and I certainly understand the one about kidnapping since I have young children myself. Where we live is a great area for kids so mine are outside playing a lot, but they are always in a group so I feel pretty safe with that. And both kids know to stay within sight of me if we are out and about. I worry more about losing them I think -- I can't imagine my world without them!

JMD said...

Losing mine is another great fear of mine as well. So scary.

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