May 22, 2012

The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge...Week 3

The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge Button The Great Garage Clean Out Challenge!

This past weekend, my husband helped me with tackling the garage.  We got a lot done!  But we still have a lot to go.  I missed week 2 because I was down with my back, so I am behind.  If I don’t finish this challenge this month, that’s okay because I KNOW that I will definitely finish it this summer.  My garage has been filled from front to back, top to bottom for over six years!!  You can read my first post for this challenge here.  The main thing I noticed when I posted those first pictures was how much money was sitting in my garage.  So, that was my focus this weekend.  We pulled out all the baby items, cleaned them up and I put them on Craigslist.  We have made $60 already!  WOOHOO!!!  That’s what I’m talking about!!  It was cracking me up because we had pulled so much stuff out of the garage that people were stopping by thinking it was a garage sale.  We had pulled a little desk out and I was going to put it on Craigslist.  A couple walked up and we told them that we weren’t having a yard sale, but if they needed any baby stuff it was for sale.  They saw the desk and asked us how much we wanted for it.  Yep!  We sold it!!  Then later, two women walked up.  One of them bought my son's bike that he has outgrown.  The other one offered to buy all of the baby stuff sitting there!  (She worked at a consignment shop the other one told us)  I thought to myself, “No way!  Seriously!!!  Ok, don’t act excited.  Don’t let it show.”  We were not prepared for that so we had not come up with any kind of price.  We told her we had to think about it.  After a few minutes, we told her a price.  I’ll admit, we went a little high because we knew she would counter offer.  Oh she counter offered alright.  She said, “I have $170 in my pocket.”  A HUNDRED AND SEVENTY DOLLARS????  I was bent down trying to put a foot ledge on the stroller and when she said that I about choked on my tongue.  I thought, “Lady!  You have GOT to be out of your mind.  I may be wanting to get rid of this stuff, but I am NOT gonna just give it to you.”  Actually, I thought that after I huffed and said, “There’s no way I’ll take $170 for all of this” because those words just fell out of my mouth before I even had time to think.  I mean, we’re talking about 17 items that are in great condition.  Ok, I’ll get off my rampage now and talk about the subject at hand.  But here is a picture of what she wanted to give me $170 for.

I mean, come on, really??
Would you have taken $170 for all of this?
Like I said before, we got a lot done, but we still have a lot to go. 



Not much difference.

But when I see how much we put in my van to take to charity....
I was pretty happy.

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Jennifer said...

Way to go on the 13 boxes in the back of the van! I really think getting rid of STUFF is the key to organizing!

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