March 31, 2012


I saw Daughtry in concert last night.  Wow!!  He can put on a show!  His band is uh-maz-ing!!!  His drummer....well, he just rocks the house!!  I haven't been to a concert in years and years and years.  I had loads of fun. 

The concert was at the Ryman Auditorium.  I liked it being there so much better because it was a smaller setting and the performers weren't little ants that we had to see through binoculars. 

Daughtry played some new music they have been working on and it is great!!  Chris was even on stage by himself for a couple songs...playing his guitar and singing.  That was nice!

The band came back out and jammed for a little while longer and then sadly the show ended with the band taking their bows.

I have to give a shout out to SafetySuit.  They were the band that opened for Daughtry.  They are what I would call alternative.  This was the first time I had heard of them.  I have downloaded both of their albums to my iphone and have not stopped listening to them!  Love, love, love them!!!  I definitely want to see them again.  They originated out of Oklahoma, but they now call Nashville, TN home, which is a stones throw away from where I live.

The guitarist on the left was so much fun to watch! He would jump and spin in circles while he would play.  He was a lot of entertainment! 

This is Doug Brown, singer/guitarist, out in the crowd singing.  =)




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